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Modular Origami — Architecture and Landscapes

Models folded and photographed by Michał Kosmulski. Modules designed by their respective authors.
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Dog House for Yara Yagi’s dachshund - Building Block Unit (BBU)

Doghouse for Yara Yagi’s dachshund

I like Yara Yagi’s dachshund very much so I thought a nice dog like this deserved a matching doghouse. The dog is folded from duo-color Washi paper, the shed from copy paper (a square about ⅓ larger than for the dog is needed).

Dog house is made from a single sheet of paper, designed by Michał Kosmulski.
The dog is Dachshund (Perro Salchicha ), designed by Yara Yagi (also a single-sheet model).

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BBU Dog House (Building Block Unit (BBU)) and Business Card Puppy

BBU doghouse and Business Card Puppy

Dog house designed by me using several modified variants of Building Block Units. All units (3 for the roof and 13 for the walls and entrance) made from same-sized squares.

The dog sitting in front of the doghouse is Business Card Puppy, designed by Larry Stevens (diagrams in Origami USA Annual Collection 2002).

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Cottage - Building Block Unit (BBU)


A very simple building without many details.

Made from Michał Kosmulski's BBU (Building Block Unit) (24 modules: 12 × A1, 6 × A2, 3 × D5, 2 × Q4, 1 × P5).

Bell tower - Building Block Unit (BBU)

Bell tower

Inspired by traditional Polish wooden churches and the wooden belfry in Paczyn.

Made from Michał Kosmulski's BBU (Building Block Unit) (37 modules: 18 × A1, 8 × B16, 4 × P7, 6 × A2, 1 × Q14). All units are made from 7.5 cm squares except for the roof (Q14 tile) which is made from 10 cm paper.

Egyptian pyramid - Building Block Unit (BBU)

Egyptian pyramid, two levels high

This design can be extended indefinitely by adding more and more levels (a smaller, single-level variant is also possible). The walls are angled at 45 degrees which is a little less steep than in most actual pyramids of Egypt.

Made from Michał Kosmulski's BBU (Building Block Unit) (100 modules: 40 × A2, 24 × A1, 16 × A4, 8 × Q1, 8 × Q20, 4 × Q21).

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Church - Building Block Unit (BBU)


This model does not represent any actual church. Instead, it freely mixes elements typically found in small churches (rectangular floor plan without transept as well as general proportions) and in larger ones (triple portals, rose windows).

Made from Michał Kosmulski's BBU (Building Block Unit) (313 modules: 210 × A1, 51 × A2, 6 × B1, 6 × Q2, 4 × B5, 4 × Q1, 4 × Q4, 4 × Q3, 4 × P8, 4 × P9, 3 × P7, 2 × Q6, 2 × P6, 2 × P3, 1 × P2, 1 x P1, 1 × Q5, 1 × Q17, 1 × Q15, 1 × D13, 1 × D14).

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Church - Building Block Unit (BBU)
Sears Tower / Willis Tower - Building Block Unit (BBU)

Willis Tower (Sears Tower)

Made from Michał Kosmulski's BBU (Building Block Unit) (996 modules: 768 × A1, 228 × A2).

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