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Origami-related images

These are origami-related images which do not show finished models and so did not fit into any other category on the page.

My models displayed at the convention of Polish Origami Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Origami, PTO) 2016 in Warsaw, Poland

My exhibition at the convention of Polish Origami Society 2016

My exhibition at this year’s convention of Polish Origami Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Origami, PTO) which took place in Warsaw. Thanks to the venue being really close to where I live, I was able to show some of my modular skyscraper models which are big yet fragile and would be hard to transport a longer distance. It was a fun convention with free folding sessions ending well into the night.

My diagrams in the convention book:

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A pile of new origami designs waiting to be clean-folded and properly documented

A heap of my new origami designs

This heap of new origami designs is waiting on my table until I can make clean folds and document them properly. Unfortunately I seem to add new ideas to the prototype pile faster than I can clean fold older designs…

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My models on exhibition at Plener Origami (Origami Outdoor Meeting) 2016 in Kraków, Poland

My models at Origami Outdoor Meeting 2016

My exhibition at 15th Origami Outdoor Meeting (Plener Origami) in Kraków, Poland. This year’s guest of honor was Robert J. Lang, we had attendants from seven different countries and as each year, it was a very inspiring event.

If you are a registered member of OrigamiUSA, you can check out The Fold for my report from this convention.

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Fading colors in origami Sonobe units after paper was aged for 12 years

Fading colors — degradation of paper over time

In July 2015 I decided to get rid of some old origami models which had faded beyond looking nice. On these Sonobe units retrieved from some modular assembly one can well see the deterioration of colors in inexpensive paper over time. The parts with vivid colors were hidden below additional layers of paper and so were protected from most sunlight. The bleak parts are those which were exposed to light (it’s probably ultraviolet radiation which is responsible for most of the decay).

Since I sign and date most of my works, I was able to check when the model was folded — November 23rd, 2002 — which means this paper was aged over 12 years. This is paper from a 9×9 cm note cube, most probably from Herlitz.

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