Zeta can be used to calculate zeta potentials for ka > 6 from electrophoretic mobilities measured at the stationary level or from apparent zeta potentials displayed by zetameter (estimated by Smoluchowski equation). Apparent mobilities measured at 3 different levels in a rectangular electrophoretic cell (aspect ratio > 4) can be used to calculate the zeta potential (parabola method).

Zeta consists of several parts, among which are: a platform independent C++ library (works on UNIX/Linux and Windows, probably also other platforms), a Windows GUI, a command line interface (early development stage, not in CVS yet) and an obsolete DOS semi-graphical user interface. The homepage of Zeta also hosts a primer on electrokinetic phenomena and zeta potential.

Zeta is free software, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

For more information, visit Zeta potential calculation tools homepage (hosted by sourceforge).

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