Origami articles

Here are some origami-related texts written by me.

On my web page

Makalu assembly tips

Robert J. Lang’s Makalu (Six Intersecting Pentagons) is an interesting wireframe model and part of his Himalayan Peaks series. This articles contains some tips on assembling the complete model (which is the hard part of making it) once you’ve folded the units.

FIT assembly tips

Five Intersecting Tetrahedra (FIT), designed by Tom Hull, is probably the most popular model of the woven polyhedron type. While folding the units is quite straightforward, connecting them in the proper manner is not. This article describes the rules I use when I assemble this model.

Envelopener usage and care

Envelope openers are very useful tools for origami folders, but they have a number of quirks. This text describes some techniques I found useful for avoiding split corners and other mishaps while cutting paper with envelopeners.


Convention: 12th Annual Convention of the Polish Origami Society

A report from the 12th origami convention of Polish Origami Society, held in the village of Wieszczyna, Poland.

Published in The Fold (no membership required).

Convention: 15th Outdoor Origami Meeting

A report from 15th Outdoor Origami Meeting, an international origami convention held in Kraków, Poland.

Published in The Fold (requires membership).

Światowy Dzień Origami w Pytanie na Śniadanie [PL]

On October 24th, 2018, I had a brief appearance on the TV show Pytanie na Śiadanie, talking about origami.

Diagrams: Long Story Short

Folding instructions for my Long Story Short (origami book model).

Published in The Fold (does not require membership).

Crease Pattern: Propellers Tessellation

A crease pattern and basic collapse instructions for my Propellers Tessellation.

Published in The Fold (requires membership).

Introducing Building Block Units

This text describes my Building Block Units (BBUs) and how they got me interested in Crease Patterns (CPs) even though CPs are not so ofthen used in modular origami.

Published in The Fold (requires membership).

Answers on Arts & Crafts Stack Exchange

I’ve answered a number of origami-related questions on Arts & Crafts Stack Exchange. Some answers are short but others are feature-length.

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