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Bumpy octahedron — folding instructions

These are folding instructions for the bumpy octahedron designed by Michał Kosmulski.

Bumpy Octahedron is folded from a single sheet of 2:1 paper. Each face is decorated with a sunken triangular pyramid which looks similar to a PVM unit.

Foil paper is recommended since there are no tabs to close the model - it is open at the back, just two paper edges which with perfectly thin and stiff paper would just touch. In the real world do not and the shape takes a Pacman-like appearance (I gotta fold it in yellow paper some time). Foil paper makes it possible to keep the split relatively small.

This simple geometric shape was designed and published in July 2015 by Michał Kosmulski.

Folding instructions

Currently folding instructions are only available in the form of a crease pattern. It is very simple so even unexperienced folders should be able to read it with ease. This model is essentially a 2:1 sheet divided into a 2×4 grid, with each square folded into a PVM unit (sunken version).

bumpy octahedron — complete
bumpy octahedron — crease pattern
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