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Modular Origami — Fractals, IFS

Models folded and photographed by Michał Kosmulski. Modules designed by their respective authors.
Click on images to enlarge them. Links in image titles lead to pages with more information about each particular object.

In addition to the models presented below, there are some Menger Sponges in the business card origami page.

Menger sponge - sonobe module

Menger Sponge (level 1)

Made from Sonobe module (72 modules).

Menger sponge - penultimate module

Menger Sponge (level 1½)

Made from Robert Neale's penultimate module (144 modules).
Thanks to the modules' shape, this model looks like a level 2 Menger sponge even though it is actually only level 1.

Menger sponge - Sturdy Edge Module

Menger Sponge (level 1¾)

Made from Michał Kosmulski's Sturdy Edge Module (StEM) (144 modules).

The modules' shape makes this level 1 model look even closer to a level 2 model than the penultimate module version. The hole in each small square is exactly ⅓ of the square's side, so the only thing missing for a real level-2 model are the “tunnel walls” behind each hole.

Menger Sponge - Building Block Unit (BBU)

Menger Sponge (level 1)

Made from Michał Kosmulski's BBU (Building Block Unit) (192 modules: 120 × A1, 72 × A2).

Sierpinski tetrahedron - trimodule

Sierpinski Tetrahedron (level 3)

Made from Nick Robinson's trimodule (128 modules and 126 links). The links were made from narrow rectangular straps of paper by folding two flat pentagonal knots on each.

Sierpiński tetrahedron - trimodule
Koch Snowflake - trimodule

Koch Snowflake (level 1)

Made from Nick Robinson's trimodule (12 modules).

Koch Snowflake - trimodule

Koch Snowflake (level 2)

Made from Nick Robinson's trimodule (72 modules).

3D Koch Snowflake - trimodule

3D Koch Snowflake (level 2)

Made from Nick Robinson's trimodule (72 modules).
This fractal is an analogue of the standard Koch snowflake. Level 0 is a tetrahedron. In each iteration, a tetrahedron with half the edge length is placed in the middle of each triangular face.

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