Origami — folding instructions

Here you can find folding instructions for some of the origami models I designed. Most of them are modular origami units or tessellations.

Some folding instructions are available as step-by-step diagrams while others are in the form of Crease Patterns (CP). Even if you have no experience with CPs, do not be afraid to try them out. Crease Patterns for modular origami and tessellations (and this is what I design most of the time) are usually much simpler than those used for complex animal models, so even a basic introduction like those found on the web may enable you to fold them. Actually, I think such simple CPs are a good way to get introduced to CPs in general.

I hope to extend this section in the future. Meanwhile, you can check out my flickr profile (kosmulski_origami) for the latest published instructions.


Modular origami

Single-sheet geometric models

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