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Pinwheel with Color Change — CP and folding instructions

This is the Crease Pattern (CP) and basic folding instructions for Pinwheel with Color Change designed in 2015 by Michał Kosmulski.

Crease Pattern

This is a simple model which can be folded from several different polygons. The version from hexagon is probably nicest, but you can certainly use a square, a hexagon, and an octagon. I’m not sure about pentagons, heptagons (odd number of sides) or polygons with more sides than eight. There is a color-change so the center has a different color than the blades of the pinwheel. The grid is 8 divisions in each of the principal directions. The Crease Pattern below is for the hexagonal version but version for other polygons are simple to deduce from it.

Pinwheel with Color Change — hexagonal version Pinwheel with Color Change — octagonal version
Super Pineapple Tessellation — crease pattern (CP)

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