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Super-Pineapple Tessellation — CP and folding instructions

This is the Crease Pattern (CP) and basic folding instructions for Superpineapple Tessellation designed in 2015 by Michał Kosmulski as an extension of Ilan Garibi’s Pineapple Tessellation.

Crease Pattern

Here you can find just the Crease Pattern (CP). A phototutorial of the collapse was published in 13th Bulletin of Polish Origami Society.

This is a complex CP and it is difficult to collapse. The collapse is split into two stages just like for the regular Pineapple Tessellation. If you find the pre-crease time-consuming, you can print out the CP on an inkjet printer and use that for a test fold of a single molecule. Ink will soften the paper and you will easily be able to crease exactly along the printed lines.

Super Pineapple Tessellation — front Super Pineapple Tessellation — back
Super Pineapple Tessellation — crease pattern (CP)
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