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Modular Origami — Tangles / Woven Polyhedra

This page includes models which consist of intersecting and woven polyhedral frames, in particular Robert J. Lang’s polypolyhedra (the “Himalaya series”).

Models folded and photographed by Michał Kosmulski. Modules designed by their respective authors.
Click on images to enlarge them. Links in image titles lead to pages with more information about each particular object.

Gasherbrum — 4 intersecting triangles

Gasherbrum (four intersecting triangles, 4 × 3 × 1 polypolyhedron)

The simplest of Robert J. Lang’s polypolyhedra.

Model and units designed by Robert Lang (instructions in PDF linked from that page), 12 units.
[ 3D image ]

Makalu — 6 intersecting pentagons

Makalu (six intersecting pentagons, 6 × 5 × 1 polypolyhedron)

Model and units designed by Robert Lang, 30 units. Instructions available in Origami USA Annual collection 2002.
[ 3D image ]

I put some hopefully helpful tips for assembly of this model in this article.

Five intersecting tetrahedra (FIT) - 60 degree module

Tom Hull's Five intersecting tetrahedra (FIT)

Made from Francis Ow's 60 degree module (30 modules). The linked page contains some information about both folding the modules and joining them together.
This model is awesome. At only 30 modules it is much more challenging than most models with several times that many units. On Tom Hull's page you can find some tips on joining the modules (this is the fun part of folding this model). I also prepared my own page with tips on assembly.

[ 3D image (different coloring) ]
Five intersecting tetrahedra (FIT) - 60 degree module
5 intersecting tetrahedra (FIT) - 60 degree module
5 intersecting tetrahedra (FIT) - 60 degree module
Annapurna — 10 intersecting triangles, Sturdy Edge Module (StEM)

Annapurna (ten intersecting triangles, 10 × 3 × 1 polypolyhedron)

Quite a bit more challenging to assemble than Five Intersecting Tetrahedra, but the symmetry and spatial relations between neighboring units help a lot. Unfortunately they are much better visible in the actual physical model than any picture can convey. I hope the 3D anaglyph linked below can be of some help for folders trying to assemble this model.

Model designed by Robert Lang, but this one is made from Michał Kosmulski's Sturdy Edge Module (StEM) instead of Robert Lang’s units (30 units, 4:1 paper).
[ 3D image ]

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