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Twisted Bird Base Tessellation — CP and folding instructions

This is the Crease Pattern (CP) and basic folding instructions for Twisted Bird Base Tessellation designed in 2015 by Michał Kosmulski.

Crease Pattern

Here you can find just the Crease Pattern (CP). A CP with additional instructions was published in the convention book of 28th International Convention of Origami Deutschland (Erkner 2016). Step-by-step instructions are available in IOIO 2016.

As the name implies, in the center of the molecule is a Bird Base (or, more precisely, a Blintzed Bird Base), so the acute angles are multiples of 22.5°. A single molecule is easy to fold, but arrangements of multiple molecules are hard to collapse if you use stiff paper. I recommend starting with a 2×2 array of molecules before moving on to larger arrangements.

Many variants of the molecule can be created by flattening the central part which normally sticks up above the tessellation plane and/or modifying the four petals. You can find some examples in the red image below. The CP is for the basic variant, visible in the brown images.

Twisted Bird Base Tessellation Twisted Bird Base Tessellation Twisted Bird Base Tessellation molecule variant examples
Twisted Bird Base Tessellation — crease pattern (CP)
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