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Woven Slit Module (WSM) — folding instructions

These are folding instructions for the Woven Slit Module (WSM) designed by Michał Kosmulski. On this page you can find just the crease pattern and basic information. A full step-by-step diagram was published in 13th Bulletin of Polish Origami Society.

Woven Slit Module is an origami unit which can be used to build different kinds of modular assemblies, from simple cubes to more complex objects. They can weave with other units to form interesting patterns. In some models, these units can slide along one another to produce action origami — assemblies which can be transformed into different shapes without taking the units apart. WSM can be made from rectangular paper of different proportions with broad units being useful for models with densely packed and ornamented walls and thin skinny units being useful for lattice-like models. A paper aspect ratio off 2:1 is a good starting point for many models.

This unit is based on some folded draft units I found during a routine clean-up of my origami stuff. Apparently I had the general idea already a few years ago but the design lacked some polish and clearly I was in the dark about how to connect the units into any interesting shape. WSM bears some resemblance to the Hacky Sack Unit designed by Winston Chan.

This module was designed and published in July 2015 by Michał Kosmulski. Of course you are free (and encouraged) to use it for folding your models and to use it as an inspiration when inventing your own modules.

The pictures (diagrams) below are available under a Creative Commons license.

Finished module and sample usage

Woven Slit Module (WSM) — two variants of finished units
Woven Slit Module 3:2 — cube Woven Slit Module 2:1 — cube Woven Slit Module 2:1 — woven cube Woven Slit Module 2:1 — woven cube
Woven Slit Module — adjustable cube Woven Slit Module — adjustable cube Woven Slit Module — adjustable cube Woven Slit Module — adjustable cube

Folding the Woven Slit Module

Instructions are currently only available as a crease pattern (CP) but it is very simple so you should be able to re-create the unit from it even if you have had little or no experience with CPs so far. The CP is for 2:1 paper ratio but any ration above 3:2 can be used.

Units are connected by inserting the two half-square flaps into the slits in other units. Some assemblies require the units to be additionally bent around each other.

Woven Slit Module (WSM) — crease pattern

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