Images of meteorites & tektites from my collection

The majority of images were obtained by scanning specimens on a flatbed scanner; Only pictures of the larger specimens were acquired by regular digital photography.

Click on images to enlarge them. Links in image titles lead to pages with more information.

Creative Commons License Image thumbnails on this page and the full-size images they link to are licensed under a Creative Commons License (Free for non-commercial use with attribution; Ask me about other uses).


Stone meteorites

Allende (CV3 chondrite)


CV3 carbonaceous chondrite. Endpiece, 0.35 g.

Reganne 003 (H4 chondrite)

Reggane 003

H4 olivine-bronzite chondrite. Slice, 2.7 g.

Iron meteorites

Nantan (IIICD coarse octahedrite)


CDIII coarse octahedrite. Complete specimen, 4.2 g.

Sikhote-Alin (IIB coarsest octahedrite)

Sikhote-Alin (Сихоте-Алинь)

IIB coarsest octahedrite. Complete specimen, 13.7 g. Two sides shown in these pictures differ significantly in the fusion crust and regmaglypts.

Sikhote-Alin (IIB coarsest octahedrite)

Stony-iron meteorites

Brenham (pallasite)


Pallasite. Slice, 2.0 g.

Seymchan (pallasite)


Pallasite with a lot of metal. Slice, 270 g.


Indochinite (tektite)


Complete specimen, 63.0 g.

Wallpapers / close-ups

These specimens are very typical, so they make good examples of what the internal structure of different meteorite groups usually looks like. They also make great wallpapers for your desktop (at this time available in 1024x768 only).

Stone meteorites

DAG 477 (L6 chondrite) slice close-up

Dar Al Gani (DAG) 477

L6 olivine-hypersthene chondrite. Almost no metal grains can be seen, chondrules are mostly undistinguishable from the surrounding matrix.

Sahara 99477 (L6 chondrite) slice close-up

Sahara 99477

L6 olivine-hypersthene chondrite. Some metal can be seen in this slice, but chondrules are blurred and hard to tell from the matrix.

NWA 869 (L5 chondrite) slice close-up

North-West Africa (NWA) 869

L5 olivine-hypersthene chondrite. Metal flakes can be seen in most parts of the cut, chondrules are numerous and usually easy to tell apart. from the matrix.

Gao (H5 chondrite) slice close-up

Gao (formerly Upper Volta, also known as Gao-Guenie)

H5 olivine-bronzite chondrite. Metal flakes are well visible as are the chondrules.

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