Proprietary Software Projects

Here are some proprietary / closed source software projects I have participated in (grouped by company). Note: many of the links below lead to Polish language sites.

Projects done for

  • Newspoint media monitoring system — news and social media search engine. Lots of components make up the system, including: web crawlers, API connectors for different systems, indexing (high performance despite searching well over a billion documents and 1,5 million items getting added to the index each day), analytics, web frontend. Cooperation with the Norwegian company Opoint.
  • Core technologies behind NetSprint Enterprise Search Solutions (including, but not limited to, the search engine USE).
  • NetSprint News — this was the first real Polish-language search engine, available to everyone free of charge. Over 250 Polish news sites were originally indexed, though the focus has shifted to NewsPoint since (see above), and the older system is no longer online.
  • Mikser — a mechanism which is a part of the search engine and produces additional results which help the user find information he or she is looking for, faster. It can present encyclopaedic information from Wikipedia or a number of other sources for some common queries such as country names. It can also fetch information such as weather forecasts or exchange rates. The first link leads to a help page which describes how to use Mikser. Other related pages include: The links below show the system in action (just a few examples, not covering all the features). Link text is the query entered into the search engine (in Polish language), explanations follow:
  • NetSprint internet search engine — this search engine is available via NetSprint's main page but is also used by Wirtualna Polska, one of largest Polish portals, and many other sites.
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