Web development

Below is a list of web sites I have created or actively maintained along with short descriptions and some search engine optimization highlights.

This page

This page

My personal homepage.

Several subpages from this page have achieved high rankings in major search engines. Smoluchowski's biography has been in google top ten results in google for "Marian Smoluchowski" since soon after it was created. Słowacki's biography has also been in google top ten for "Juliusz Slowacki" and "Juliusz Słowacki" for a long time. The old article about my collection has been google top page for "collection of minerals fossils meteorites". The fractal origami images page became google's #1 for "origami fractals" soon after being published and another origami page of mine is listed in top 10 google results for "modular origami".

Niezależne Zrzeszenie Studentów (NZS) UW

Niezależne Zrzeszenie Studentów (NZS) UW (no longer maintained by myself)

Web page of a student organization at Warsaw University.

This page used to appear at miscellaneous positions in google's top ten results for the searches "Niezależne Zrzeszenie Studentów" and "NZS", once in a while becoming #1 for one or both of them.

Wie bitte? Izabela Kosmulska - tłumacz przysięgły (język niemiecki)

Wie bitte? Izabela Kosmulska — tłumacz przysięgły języka niemieckiego

A translation company for German and Polish language owned by my mother, Izabela Kosmulska.

Homepage of Marek Kosmulski

Homepage of Marek Kosmulski

Homepage of my father, Marek Kosmulski.

Zeta potential

Zeta — zeta potential calculation software

Zeta is a set of software tools for calculating zeta potentials from electrophoretic mobilities or from apparent mobilities displayed by zetameters.

This page (together with its older mirror located at another site) used to maintain the top two google positions for "zeta potential" between 2002 and about 2007.

Dark Garden font

Dark Garden font

Dark Garden is a decorative outline font.

Dark Garden font

Kaukaz.pl — a portal dedicated to Georgia and the Caucasus

This portal is dedicated to the culture and the natural monuments of the Caucasus. It is focused on Georgia but Armenia and Azerbaijan are represented as well. While I am not directly an author of this page, I have helped it with SEO and design tips.

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