Curriculum Vitae

I’m Michał Kosmulski, a software engineer working mostly in the JVM + Linux ecosystem.

I want to create software I can be proud of and usually succeed at it. Currently, I work at Allegro, the largest e-commerce site in Poland, where I'm an IT team leader at the PPC advertising department. Prior to that I worked at the finance deprtment at Allegro, on internet and enterprise search engines, including the first Polish news search engine. I take interest in building high-performance applications regardless of whether it means using high-level concepts such as functional and reactive programming or working close to the metal. I also have some experience with Natural Language Processing. Good practices combined with common sense are what I consider the key to building reliable, high quality software.

You can find up-to-date information about my work, a list of technologies, etc. in my LinkedIn profile.

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